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Where some might reserve their passion for the outdoors to weekend escapes, Kent made it his livelihood. Following his love for the outdoors, he attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a degree in forest management. For many years, he worked in the logging and lumber industry, and land management before transitioning into real estate, now a Broker with Waddell Land Co. He enjoys writing about what he loves.

Land is Tangible

Unlike many investments, land is tangible. Land ownership allows you to touch the trees, walk through the woods, or enjoy your investment sitting in a deer stand or holding a fishing pole. Timberland is both a warehouse and a factory. It can be a hedge against inflation so it can add diversity to your portfolio. If you’re considering the sale or purchase of land, make the most of your opportunities with Kent Morris at your side. Contact him today to discuss your needs!


Associate Broker & Registered Forester
Office: 706-441-0080
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Do You Own LAND Along a Creek or River? Read On…..

Do you own land along a creek or river? In many cases these bodies of water are the boundary or property line. In some instances the lines may go to the bank of the creek/ river but in most cases it is the centerline. As you can imagine, nature has a way of changing...

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Thinning Your Timber – What You Need To Know!

I was recently asked by a client to assist him in thinning his 15 year old Loblolly Pine plantation located in Talbot County, GA. The tract was +- 208 acres in size. The area with the planted pines consisted of 173 acres. See the following aerial photograph. The stand...

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Great Mapping Software for the Land Broker

As a land Broker we are expected to furnish the very best tools to our clients and that includes maps including aerial photography and topographic maps. I use a program called Terrain Navigator Pro by Trimble. The program is robust and provides me lots of function....

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