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Where some might reserve their passion for the outdoors to weekend escapes, Kent made it his livelihood. Following his love for the outdoors, he attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a degree in forest management. For many years, he worked in the logging and lumber industry, and land management before transitioning into real estate, now a Broker with Waddell Land Co. He enjoys writing about what he loves.

Land is Tangible

Unlike many investments, land is tangible. Land ownership allows you to touch the trees, walk through the woods, or enjoy your investment sitting in a deer stand or holding a fishing pole. Timberland is both a warehouse and a factory. It can be a hedge against inflation so it can add diversity to your portfolio. If you’re considering the sale or purchase of land, make the most of your opportunities with Kent Morris at your side. Contact him today to discuss your needs!


Associate Broker & Registered Forester
Office: 706-441-0080
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Harris County Land and Acreage

$702,900 One of the BEST deals in Harris County and priced to sell! Tired of neighbors? 213 acres of timber, recreation or a site for your new home. The tract has 75+- acres of planted pines thinned 1 one ago and will be ready for a second thinning in 4 years. 29.6...

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What You Need To Know About Starting a New Forest

What do you do after your timber has been harvested and you have one ugly mess on your hands?..... Start over again. The process starts with having the tract site prepared. This involves having the tract sprayed. You have 2 options, hand spray with back pack sprayers...

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Why Isn’t My LAND Selling?

There is only 2 reasons why your land has not sold. One is price and two is marketing. Let's look at each. Although no 2 tracts of land look the same, there is a lot of commonality in pricing. Generally properties within a county have a similar pricing structure. Of...

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What You Need To Know About Site Index.

If you are buying ‘timberland’ you should understand Site Index. It is a number representing soil productivity related to growing trees. For example, a farmer needs to know how many bushels of corn he can grow on an acre of land. Likewise a timberland owner needs to...

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