As a land Broker we are expected to furnish the very best tools to our clients and that includes maps including aerial photography and topographic maps. I use a program called Terrain Navigator Pro by Trimble. The program is robust and provides me lots of function. The program provides lots of functions I do not use but let me explain the primary functions I do use.

Terrain Navigator Pro – Use on your desktop or mobile device!

Aerial Photography and Topographic Maps – The program allows me to access aerial photography and topographic maps. You can view one screen or use the split screen as seen in the following image. Once you draw a tract, polygon or insert a label on a map, it will display on both your aerial and topo maps!


Layers – The program also allows you to use different layers and one of my favorites is the parcel layer. It allows me to search property owners from the comfort of my office, no more trips to the courthouse. You simply click on the house symbol and the program will load the APN (Assessor Parcel Number) information.

Layers – You can easily access aerial photos, satellite Imagery, topographic maps, Street, terrain and Google Earth from a drop down menu.

Polygons and Acreage – Another great feature is the ability to draw polygons around a feature like a timber stand, pasture, field or pond. The program will calculate the acreage in that polygon.


GeoPins – Attach Data/Spreadsheet to the Map – You can use the GeoPin/GeoTagging and locate on the map. The program will allow you to attach a photograph or spreadsheet to the GeoPin!


There are some great mapping tools out there… make your clients proud!


Written By

G. Kent Morris

Registered Forester

Accredited Land Consultant

Associate Broker, Bickerstaff Parham Land LLC