Having worked for a coal mining company for over 18 years, I am very interested in subsurface and mineral rights. In many locations where minerals are valuable, the mineral rights have been severed from the surface rights and we were required to buy or lease both the surface and minerals rights to conduct coal mining operations unless we were underground mining. In the hay day, we operated 9 surface mines and 6 underground mines! Although rarely thought of, pore space is a private property right you enjoy as a landowner. It is generally thought of as subsurface or mineral right and is defined as  the empty spaces or voids between grains of rock, sand and other soil particles.



Until recently, pore space was rarely considered. With the increase in interest in carbon capture and the need to store salt water as a by product of the gas and oil production it is becoming increasingly important. If you own land in theses areas of oil and gas production, consult an expert.


Written By G. Kent Morris

Accredited Land Consultant

Registered Forester

Associate Broker, Bickerstaff Parham LLC.