I love the topic, I use these tips often to locate property corners and property lines. Let’s start with Google Earth.
1. I Start by drawing the property on Google Earth using the polygon tool at the top. This creates a KMZ file. Google Earth allows you to email the shapefile to your email address. You can then open the file and copy to Google Earth on your smart phone or tablet. See the following photo.
2. Next I turn on the ‘Location Services’ and allow Google Earth to access my location. Simply turn on the location feature (Looks like an arrow) and a blue spot on the map will appear. You can then track your progress as you walk the property.

See the blue dot indicating my position
3. I use this feature often when looking for corners. See the following photo of the corner I located. Pretty Cool!!

Another tool I use is Terrain Navigator Pro, a simple  GIS (Geographic Information System) program. I use this program in conjunction with a GPS receiver. You can locate a point/corner on Terrain Navigator Pro and the Latitude – Longitude coordinates are displayed at the top. See the following photo. You then use the GPS or your smart phone to navigate to the corner.
Garmin 60 GPS 

Here is another use, if I am walking the property and find a corner or interesting features like a water fall, ATV bridge, old chimney etc is to use my GPS receiver and record the point or marker. Terrain Navigator Pro allows you to plug your GPS receiver to the program and download a marker or track. The features now shows on the map! This is very useful for advertising a property for sale.
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