I am excited to tell you about a new mapping software program I am now using called MapRight.

What I love about this program is ease of use and the quick ability to produce high quality maps with tons of information. It puts GIS in the hands of lay people. I have access to lots of data on one site. Previously I was going to different websites to produce FEMA Flood Maps, Soils Maps etc.

To illustrate I have a screen shot of a map showing the different base map layers you can access with the click of a button (Google Satellite Images, Topographic maps and Street Layer Maps). There is also tools to measure distance, I use this to develop driving instructions to the property. It also has a tool to draw around a field, pond, timber stand or other feature to measure the number of acres.


This program also access flood maps. With a click of a button you can preview FEMA maps to see if a portion of the property is in a flood zone, very important if you are planning to build a house.


The other feature I love is the soil maps. Although not as important is west central Georgia, this information is crucial when evaluating property to farm and row crop.

The program even generates a Soil Report for the property in question.

This mapping program also provides access to the Tax Assessor parcel layer and allows you to search different property owners. From here you simply click on a parcel to check the owner or create a tract boundary.

MapRight even recently rolled out an ‘Infrared’ aerial photo. These photos have been used by Timber Companies for years and help depict forest types. The bright read areas are usually pine and the gray areas are fields and hardwood stands.

Another great feature is the ability to navigate the property and find corners. You simply email the map link to your smart phone or tablet. You open up the location services and a blue dot appears at your current location. From there you walk to the property line or corners!

Another feature is the ability to use the app as a navigation tool in your car or truck to locate the property. It provides driving directions to the property!

There are lots of cool mapping software out there but this is my program of choice. We have a judiciary responsibility to provide our clients with the best tools to market their properties. Is your Realtor providing mapping tools that savvy buyers now require?


Written By:

G. Kent Morris, RF, ALC

Registered Forester

Accreditted Land Consultant

Associate Broker, Bickerstaff Parham Land LLC