What do you do after your timber has been harvested and you have one ugly mess on your hands?….. Start over again. The process starts with having the tract site prepared. This involves having the tract sprayed. You have 2 options, hand spray with back pack sprayers or spray with a helicopter. I prefer helicopter spraying, it’s fast and covers better. However with smaller tracts, you might be restricted to using back pack spraying. Cost will usually run between $80 – $100 per acre.



After the tract was sprayed, the crew went back and hacked the trees and squirted herbicides inside the cut surface (see photo above)

The chemical prescription involves a tank mix containing ‘imazapyr’ and ‘glysophate’. These products do a great job of controlling unwanted hardwoods. For the very best results, consider a site prep burn in September or October. The cost including fire breaks and burning can run between $20 – $40 per acre.


The final step is planting the new pine seedlings and depending where you are will dictate which trees to plant. Most folks are planting genetically improved Loblolly. However Long Leaf and Slash are used in areas generally along the coastal plains. There has been lots of genetic research and development in Loblolly Pines so I prefer to use Loblolly when I can! You have 2 options here, either machine planting or hand planting. Hand planting is a little cheaper but I prefer machine planting. You end up with straighter rows and better survival. However in steeper topography you will be limited to hand planting. Cost including seedlings usually runs $80 – $100 per acre.



And now, the finished product……..


Don’t pay taxes on LAND not earning income…..Keep you LAND in production and make it earn you some money!!


Written By:

G. Kent Morris

Registered Forester

Accredited Land Consultant

Associate Broker, Bickerstaff Parham Real Estate