Many Georgia Counties offer great GIS systems (this posting will be related to Georgia Counties only). However most States have similar systems usually offered by the ‘Tax Assessor’. The following picture shows the landing page and the system allows you to search by name or parcel number.


Once you select a parcel, you can view the property record. The property record may contain the name, parcel ID, address, acres, appraised value and other valuable information such as deed book and plat book.

I have selected a parcel of land that I sold earlier this year located in Johnson County. This GIS system is loaded with many features (layers) like an aerial, flood maps, streets and others, you can simply turn on and off. Following I have a picture illustrating these features. As you will note, there is a drawing tool that will allow you to measure distance and area. There is also a link to Google Earth.


Many of these sites also provide information about the property values, ad valorem taxes and sales in the area. The great thing about these sites, they allow you to glean tons of information from the comfort of your home or office without those trips to the county courthouse.


Written By:

G. Kent Morris, RF, ALC

Registered Forester,

Accredited Land Consultant

Associate Broker, Bickerstaff Parham Land LLC